Lois de l'écologie  
français - anglais
  Jeune Hélène  
  haute vitesse    
  basse vitesse  
  high speed  
  low speed  
  Enrico Quilico se déshabille
et se rhabille:
  haute vitesse    
  basse vitesse  


-1- Multi-Colored Chorusing
How multi-coloured, chorusing,
Great are the pleasures all birds bring.
Having evolved from the dinosaur-
They're so much nicer than before.

-2-Sixteen Birds' Names
Small hummingbird, how long your name!
Longer than big birds' like crane,
Coot, crow, and duck, goose, grebe, grouse, hen,
Jay, lark, and loon, swan, tern and wren.

-3-The Golden Eagle
Of all birds in Quebec, which one would you call king?
You bet it's surely not some puny, posing thing...
One meter long, two wide when both of  its wings expand.
When in full flight, our Golden Eagle is so grand.

Big blue eyes has the little crow

Such great big blue eyes has the little crow.
But with time those two blue eyes will blacker grow. 

-6-The crow cries "Caw, caw!"
The crow cries "Caw, caw!"
The raven rails - "Never more!"
The dodo died with no encore.

-8-The Turkey Vulture
Vulture, my dear, you'll soon appear,
Here in the north without a fear
Vulture, my dear,  you'll soon appear,
For it is now your time of year.

-9-The Geese
Twice every year they can be heard as they are passing by.
Ceaseless their cry, forming a V, arrow-like in the sky.

-10-The Duck and her Eggs
So busy every day
The ducks don't often play.
Some dozen eggs they lay
To brood and lovingly survey
While hubby is away.

-11-Eggs and Feathers

And who, like the birds, to lay eggs may claim?
The insects, snakes and lizards do the same.
And who but a bird wears a feathered dress?
There's no one else. Not one more, nor one less.

-12-The Feathers and the Molt
With feathers, not with clothes or furs
The birds endure all temperatures.
They keep them clean from head to rear
And moult at least once every year.

-13-Pigeon Attack
To parks pigeons fly
To seek pigeon pie.
On statues of  bronze
Leaving marks there-uponze.

-14-The Gulls
The gulls are gullible
And want their bellies full.
And what is it they  eat
When longing for a treat?
For fish and mice they'll dash,
Devouring any trash.
For fish and mice they'll dash,
Devouring any trash.

-15-The American Robin
American Robin searches the land.
And quickly swoops down for worm-feast is grand.

-21-The Atlantic Puffin's song
(The) Atlantic Puffin's song
Has something very wrong.
When heard, it so annoys,
It's such an awful noise.

-22-The Mourning Dove and the Barred Owl
The mourning dove so sweetly sighs
"ou-OUH-ou, ou, ou"
And the owl, so wise, replies
"Houhouhouhou, HOUohou-HOUohou-HOUohou!"

-23-The Swallows 
Do not offer to the swallow grain or seeds
Tasty, juicy insects will fulfill his needs.
 No grain will satisfy this insectivore
For he will insist on insects, more and more.

-24-The Blue Jay
Within a grove the blue jays nest,
So very beautiful to view.
Dressed in black and white and blue
Within a grove there they may rest,
Kiii, Kiii. Kiii, Kiii!

-25-Green Herons
Herons, king and queen-
Maroon and somber green.
Majesty complete
Crowned with yellow feet.

-26- The American Goldfinch
What? Seeds of dandelion and thistle bits to eat?
Oh yes! Goldfinches all find such things very sweet.

-27-Orioles and Cardinals
As an Oriole today
With the baseball you'll play.
But when offered more pay
For Cardinals you will pray.

-29-Birds and Fish
So many are the birds that thrive
So well on fish for which they dive.
Could any fish devour a bird?
Think a bit! It is not absurd.


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